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This blog contains bits of everything, I suppose! Lots of rocks, birds, and screaming about things, especially video games. Please tread carefully, I wouldn't want you to get injured, I'm not trained in first aid. Also, I'm very prone architecture and interiors spam, just a heads up.

I also have an art blog.

I will tag certain things to make blogging easier for you, all you have to do is ask! c: I also blog in excess during ungodly hours of the morning, so bit of a disclaimer there.

Oh, hey Clem and oh— look, a life ruiner. He’s here to ruin lives. 

"And you? Who do you stand for?"



Did some 45 minute photo studies, references from here and here. These were fun. 。◕ ‿ ◕。 The second isn’t necessarily a photograph from life per se but it is still in exquisite photograph before Shepard got spaced, that is. Tragically beautiful, omg.


Doodads featuring naked ladies, ballerinas, assassins, black cowboys, waterbending Edward Kenway and novaguard’s OC, Knives.

God save the queen.

God save the empire.

A murder of crows.


Man, this was really fun. This is for the Anon who asked whether Ezio and/or Desmond will show up in the Bender!AU that Muffy and I made.

As for Desmond’s role in all this:

He’s the Avatar. But he doesn’t know it yet. He ran away before his family was informed of it and became a bartender in the city, it was only until he got kidnapped and tortured that he found out. His first Avatar state was upon seeing Aveline being tortured alongside him.

Anyway, since he learns all that it takes to become an Assassin in the game, the ancestors are his teachers and they make up Team Avatar and kick ass. Might do a more detailed post on this later.

I’m reasonably proud of this one. It was just so fun working on it and thinking of backstories and tying them all together and fashion and clothes, haha.


In which Connor Kenway is a detective who, under great pressure to preserve the reliability and evidence of his crime scene, shoots and kills his misled best friend by accident. This is his story.

Thanks for coming into the stream, guys. :D


Swapsies. by ~holographism

Connor in Aveline’s clothes makes him look like some sorta dashing highwayman

(via satsukikiryiun)

"Should we leave them alone, Stephane?"

"Oui, and I will keep them out of the inn for making me worried sick last night. It is a sound plan, Connor."

"That is not what I meant."